In Search of... Great Movie Destinations

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

47 years ago, Clint Eastwood helped put the local jazz station KRML in Carmel, California, on the map with his directorial debut film, Play Misty For Me.

Devil's Tower

The station's owner, David Kimball, once remarked in the Monterey County Herald, "Scarcely a day goes by that someone doesn't walk through the doors and ask for a copy of the movie." Since the film's initial release in 1971, visitors have flocked to this eclectic, tiny, immortalized-on-film destination.

But what if you feel like getting a little more interactive with your favorite movie location?

How about climbing Devil's Tower from Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Yes, they do allow it.

Here's a list of recommended books revealing the whereabouts of filmic locations far and wide:

These books are resources enabling you to merge fantasy with reality by stepping into the actual world of a past film set. How closely does the real location match your perception of it, based on what was visible in the film? You will uncover many secrets surrounding a film camera's ability to reveal and conceal certain details.

Perhaps I'll catch you at the next movie location on your bucket list?