Visual Storytelling Courses

Learn the art, craft, and technical skills necessary to develop, write, rewrite, format, and market an original screenplay and design, direct, and capture a stunning visual story.

Providing insight into how stories communicate meaning through a unique language system (the language of visual storytelling and the format of a screenplay), we will examine structural tools and stylistic techniques you can apply toward a variety of projects and job opportunities.

The following e-books and videos uncover the principles of storytelling, professional screenplay format guidelines, script development and sales strategies, and visual design aesthetics. Whether you are an aspiring/beginning screenwriter or seasoned veteran filmmaker who needs a little inspiration, this set of resources is made specially for you. Enjoy, write on, and roll camera!

Learn From The Best Storyteller & Educator:

Dustin Lee has made significant contributions toward the production of over fifty feature films and Television programs, garnering Oscars and Emmys in the process.

He has developed strategic operating plans that led Disney to the forefront of the entertainment world, creating synergistic opportunities with ABC Television, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm.

He hosts career-launching workshops on the technical and aesthetic components of screenwriting and digital media production. Since 1994, he has taught thousands of students from the ages of eight to sixty-eight. Whether you are an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner, his teaching style will help you master the subject.

“Screenwriting, and writing in general, is becoming a lost art. Mr. Lee brings it all back with gusto.” - Max Mikkelson

“I wanted to sincerely thank you for the amount of effort you have put into teaching your students.  I found your class to be extremely helpful and I have learned a lot from you.  I actually just wrapped up a film in which I used knowledge from this course to create a better script.  Your method of teaching is extremely effective and has not gone unnoticed.  Thank you once again Dustin and good luck in all future endeavors.” - Kyle Mimm

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